The notion of "thinking globally, acting locally" is central to our worldview. 

With that in mind, supporting local organizations and vulnerable individuals is a regular is part of our business operations. This typically takes the form of volunteering on local non-profit construction sites. Occasionally, we will take on independent projects for vulnerable neighbors at steeply discounted rates.

Additionally, we define "our neighborhood" pretty broadly. This means supporting high-quality construction projects in the developing world through Building Goodness Foundation (BGF). Ethan is a Volunteer Project Manager for the La Puerta Abieta school project in Guatemala,  continuing his long-standing commitment to working with and learning from our neighbors in the developing world.

In addition to this construction-focused work, Ethan also sits on Charlottesville's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and participated in the Cville Plans Together advisory panel. Other past volunteer work has included Central Virginia Community Justice , Livable Cville , Virginia Walkability Action Institute , and our local neighborhood association.